Friday, 13 July 2012

Putting things into perspective

Bf text me earlier saying "seriously life is just so shit right now there is literally nothing going good".  For sure we've just had one of those weeks and it is so easy to agree with him.  The big order he made at the weekend got cancelled so he won't get paid much commission this month, there's something wrong with his car and it has to be seen by a diesel specialist (£££) and the flats we keep booking viewings in for keep getting let before we even get a chance to see them.  This week has felt so tedious.

I phoned my dad yesterday and had a cry over the phone; it was good to get it all out but rather than being comforting my dads response was "why are you being so silly".  My dad didn't mean to trivialise my problems, but he just pointed out that really I have nothing to worry about and although moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, the only reason I'm doing it is that I've got a job - one of my biggest worries a few weeks ago was not being able to get a job.  If the problems I have are likely to not matter in a months time then I really am luckier than most.  Really I have exactly what I wanted and should be feeling blessed rather then letting the little bumps in the road get to me.  Sometimes you just need someone to put things into perspective :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Silly me

Hi Becca,
This post is a reminder to you not to dye your hair dark brown again - you were doing so well at growing it out! You don't like it this colour and you hate that red tinge that always shows up after a few washes.  Don't do it again you silly billy.
Talk to you soon.
Love from yourself :)