Saturday, 6 October 2012

Putting pen to paper - my love for lists

Sometimes it's nice just to write things down.  Maybe it's just me but things just feel a bit more real once they are on paper.  Like maybe if I write it down I will do it, y'know..

So we sat in Starbucks this afternoon and wrote lists - many lists - a shopping list, list of healthy foods, list of bad eating habits, list of good ideas, birthday present list (most important one of course!) and Christmas present list - I feel so Christmassy already and can't wait until its time to put the tree and decorations up!!

I also have the coolest new fine tip pens, I'm carrying them round in my handbag so I can always write in pretty colours :) aren't the simple things in life great?

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend so far... Tomorrow we are tidying the flat, food shopping, trying out a recipe from our new slower cooker recipe book and preparing dinner for when we see our lovely friends on Monday.  Life is sweet :)