Wednesday, 27 June 2012

This week so far

This week I've been a little bit bored.  Being in Portsmouth isn't so fun now all of my friends have gone home (miss you friends :(!) and I'm spending the days watching Lost (first time I've watched it and I'm on season 2), slowly cleaning our flat and refreshing the Right Move website waiting for new flats to appear in the town where I'll be working.

I went into uni on Monday to pick up my marked coursework and get my personal tutor David's contact details to give as a reference.  I am so glad I went into see him because he always manages to lift my spirits.  I think I've been very lucky to have such a great personal tutor, he's definitely inspired me and helped me stay motivated throughout my final year and it meant so much to hear him say he was proud of me.  He was also Wills personal tutor last year and lives very near our home town (small world!). Will has a great picture of him with David from his graduation last summer so maybe I can get a matching one this year :).

Monday evening was a bit of a disaster, we decided to go for Sushi but we didn't get very far as Will's car broke down reversing out of our driveway blocking our entire one-way road.  The front right-hand wheel had come out of place as we came down the steep pavement in front of our flat completely immobilising the car so it had to be recovered and taken to the mechanics.  We felt very panicky that evening as it looked so serious and we were worried it was going to cost a lot to fix, luckily it looked a lot worse than it was and Wills car is back and working again (yay!). 

I've also baked the best cake I've ever baked this week - I am not a baker and have made more disastrous cakes than delicious ones so this was a proud moment for me :)  I followed this recipe for a Lemon and Strawberry Victoria Sponge from the BBC website.

Tomorrow will most likely include more Lost watching, a bit more cleaning, some cake eating and possibly a flat viewing :)

Hope everyone's having a good week!

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